COO November report: Milestones reached & road ahead

A Non-Fungible Story like no other is coming!

Just over a month since taking the helm as Chief Operating Officer, Ivan Payan i Muñoz has had the chance to reflect on the developments of the past few weeks, key milestones, and next steps for Olyseum. Here, in his own words, Ivan shares his thoughts on the road ahead!

Hi Oly community! First of all, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone for such a warm welcome. The past month has been a blur, super fast-paced, but really exciting! One of the first priority items has been to address the understandable frustrations within our community, and to start a more transparent and open conversation about our progress and future plans. We know we must do better in this regard, and we will. I’m proud to serve as COO of the platform that will redefine the world of fan engagement, and want you all to join us on the journey.

Our project’s mission “to bring the fans closer to the stars” has worldwide resonance, and has huge potential to bridge the gap in the celebrity economy. We also have robust financial resources to develop an optimal structure for execution. And finally, our people — the lifeblood of any organisation. We have a 5-star team internally, with Carlos Grenoir as CEO, myself as COO, Lorcan Byrne as Head of Communications, Eloi Hernández as CPO and Andy Kleine as Head of Stars and Partnerships. We also have an unrivalled star network and roster of elite-grade advisors.

Today, I wanted to write to you to fill you in on everything we’ve been doing. During the first two weeks of my tenure, I’ve been getting to know the team and identifying the mission-critical aspects of the business we need to prioritise moving forward. In this period of introspection, I identified 3 top priorities: improving internal organization oriented to project execution; improving communication with the community; and refining product discovery and validation procedures. Based on these key areas, and the work carried out by Carlos and the team previously, our 3 main departments and 4 support areas are: Communications; Product and Growth; and Stars & Brands, Experiences and Partnerships. The 4 support areas are: Legal, Finance, HR and Operations.

Immediately after defining this structure and before the end of the first 2 weeks, we initiated contact with 2 new potential Managers for the Communications and Product areas. After several weeks of negotiations, we agreed terms with my excellent former colleague Eloi to join as Product Manager. We have also agreed terms with experienced blockchain and fintech communications consultant Lorcan Byrne to serve as our new Head of Communications, having worked closely with the team previously.

Creating a culture of innovation

On a cultural level, we want to start working on 3 aspects:

We must become a Product company, where technology is the true core of the project and not just a complementary feature. To achieve this, we can’t be hesitant about going to market. We want to rewire our operational DNA, and go out with small products and start collecting feedback and user metrics as soon as possible to validate hypotheses. This is where our Beta program comes in. I firmly believe you have to focus on solving proven problems, not on developing hypothesis-based functionalities.

We must measure progress and set measurable goals for each area. We have implemented a bespoke model of OKRs and each week we monitor progress in this regard. We have started measuring things like community satisfaction through a CSAT questionnaire, and we already have projects underway to acquire metrics on the Metacollection, the xNFTs, and the OLY token.

We are creating a team of A+ players and trust them to solve the objectives and achieve the Key Results in an optimised and efficient manner. Additionally, we must provide them with the necessary resources and tools so that they can do their best work. I believe that trusting and supporting colleagues is the best way to help them realize their full potential, and create cross-department harmony.

Regarding the procedures, I have focused on 2 key areas:

The hiring procedures

We’ve revised our recruitment agenda, starting with the preparation of comprehensive Scorecards of new candidates by the Applicant Managers. We’ve also enlisted the services of high-level recruiters to search for strong candidates. This is followed by a 3 round interview process with verification of references. Nuria is playing a great role in this ongoing effort, for which I am very grateful.

The team alignment procedures

This is fundamental to the operations of any business. We have developed a solid framework to streamline communication between departments and staff, with regularly scheduled 1-on-1s between key team members and a weekly full team meeting focused on reviewing the Key Results worked on over a particular week, while identifying key action items for the week ahead.

This period of operational recalibration would not have been possible without the help of Flore Cavayé, who has been a tremendous help to me and works to the highest standards in terms of operational execution and research across financial and legal strands.

Non-fungible Story (NFS) is coming!

We’ve been talking a lot lately about our soon-to-be launched NFT metacollection (which we can now call by its name: Non-fungible Story). I’d like to offer special thanks to our CEO Carlos Grenoir with the help of Andy Kleine who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on our NFS idea and narrative and liaising with key star participants (who we’ll be unveiling very soon!).

Also I must offer a sincere and heartfelt thanks to our incredible Advisory Board, who have been providing invaluable counsel each week, helping us chart the best path forward. Thank you very much Gerry, Javier, Simon and Albert — your guidance and support is very much appreciated!

Finally, all this would not have been possible without the unconditional support of our CEO Carlos and CFO Jan — and I am very grateful for the trust they have placed in me. Together, with the entire team, we have the foundations in place for a spectacular period of growth and development ahead. Let’s go!

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